Today Italians celebrate la Festa della Repubblica. Photo Credit: Stefano Pellicciari

June 2nd is Italy’s independance day!


Hello Everyone! Im writing a quick post today to give a shout-out to democracy. It may be messy but it can be beautiful too.

Today is a very special holiday in Italy because on June 2nd Italians celebrate the founding of their republic.

After the heartbreak and devastation of WW2, Italians went to the polls on June 2, 1946 and voted on a referendum to decide which form of government they wanted. They chose a republic over a monarchy. It takes courage to take on democracy.

Buona Festa della Repubblica 🇮🇹  my Italian friends !! 😘 I hope you enjoy your day. For those of you jot in Italy, Check out this YouTube video of the celebration today in Rome!

This video was taken today at the annual celebration in Rome. Enjoy!!!