A beautiful day for a trip to the Franciacorta wine region.

Have you ever heard of Franciacorta sparkling wine?

Me neither! Not until a couple of years ago. With prosecco taking all the glory in the states, the name Franciacorta is not often heard. Luckily for me, I started hearing whispers of this exceptional wine and HAD to check it out. The wine is made in the same way as champagne so it is dry with delicate bubbles. I like to say that Franciacorta is like Prosecco’s more sophisticated cousin.

After arriving at our lovely B&B on the lake, (recent blog post about Lago d’Iseo) 

we decided to spend a day dedicated to visiting wineries, getting lost along the backroads (something we always like to do), and taking a hike on the many nature trails in the area.

If you are thinking about visiting this area, you will find it well organized. There is a lot of information available and itineraries for winos, foodies, fitness fanatics, and nature lovers (bike trips and walking tours). I would start with the official tourism site. there is a ton of useful info here:

Franciacorta official tourism

I am writing this in NY on a rainy September Thursday. The wind is blowing the sky is grey and I am smiling just thinking about this trip. I can’t say enough good things about it. If you ever have a chance to go, GO!

Have a great day! 🥂 💕



Bersi Serlini Vineyard

Franciacorta wine aging in the cantina

Grapes aging on the vine. Franciacorta Wine Region

First things first, Wine!

Our first stop on our wine tour was Bersi Serlini Winery. One of the oldest producers. They offer many tours, tastings, and outdoor picnics among the vines. Unfortunately, our picnic was a washout. We ended up eating in an old restored warehouse which was also very nice. Click here to learn more


Picnic at Bersi Serlini
Bersi Serlini Puppy

Second things second, Wine.

After our first wine tour, we visited 2 other wineries just to make sure the first one was as good as they say. You can never be too careful. 😉 Sorry prosecco…you’ve been demoted. They were all fabulous!! When you try it, you will understand. Here are links to the other 2 vineyards we visited.

Barone Pizzini (organic) https://baronepizzini.it

Le Cantorie http://www.lecantorie.com

A little note about buying wine.

We purchased wine from all three vineyards. Luckily, we were at the beginning of our vacation and all of the bottles were finished by the time we left. No judgment, we used most of them for a family party lol. But, If you are interested in buying some to take home, we suggest you have them ship the wine. You can bring a bottle or two in your luggage but they might suffer while traveling or you may just end up drinking them.


Local salami and cheese from Monte Isola
Monte Isola
Last but not least.

After a morning of tasting wine and eating local cheeses and salumi, we were either going to find a place for a nap or take a nice walk. After much deliberation, we opted for the walk.

Franciacorta is great because it is full of walking trails and nature reserves. We found a perfect 1.5 mile walk in the Torbiere Nature Reserve.

Click here for trail maps and Info

Torbiere Nature reserve
Torbiere Del Sabino Nature reserve
Franciacorta Wine tasting