A perfect place to chill out.
Forte Dei Marmi

The importance of finding time to relax when traveling in Italy. 

One of the most important things I’ve learned about traveling in Italy (and Europe in general) is to always find time to relax and soak it all in.

There have been many times when I’m rushing from one museum or landmark to another when I think to myself, STOP! This isn’t a race! If we keep up this pace, we won’t remember where the heck we’ve been!

At a certain point, I started scheduling chill-out time or carving out a couple of days of our vacation to visit someplace relaxing that has nothing in particular to see or do. In Italy, it is easy to find places like this.

Some examples would be:

A beach town

A lake town

A nice B&B in the countryside or mountains.

In my experience finding time to just stay in one place and breathe, walk the streets of a small village, sit in a piazza with a glass of something, and watch life go by is a wonderful way to stop time.

I promise if you just chill out a bit, you will arrive home relaxed and recharged.

Hope all is well,


Town of Vezzana Ligure. Visit a hilltop town in Italy
A small B&B in Crete Senese
Quiet spot at the water's edge

Lago d’Iseo

Sunset on Isola del Giglio

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