The charming canals of Comacchio

Emilia Romagna has its own little Venice. May I present, Comacchio

Just north of Ravenna and east of Ferrara lies the lovely fishing town of Comacchio. Not as famous as its sister Venice, but definitely one of the many hidden gems in Emilia Romagna.

I absolutely LOVE visiting little towns like this because when walking around, I feel like I’ve just become part of the everyday life of the city. I hope when you visit Comacchio, you feel that way too!

Have a great day!


One of the many arched bridges of Comacchio. Photo: Clodio
Famous carnivale parade on the canal.
Foto: Giuseppe Masci

Visit Comacchio

This lovely fishing village built on 13 small Islands, is located 35- 40 minutes from either Ferrara or Ravenna and is a great day trip with plenty to see and do

Tips and stuff to do:

*this is just a couple of things you can see. click at the bottom of the page to visit the Emilia Romagna tourism site for

-The best time to go: April to October. The first 2 weekends of October have the famous EEL food festival!

It is also really nice to visit Comacchio during Carnivale. They have a beautiful parade in the canals.

– If you only have an hour or two, I would either go in the late morning, take a stroll and enjoy lunch or arrive at dusk to take a walk and have dinner on the canal.

-If you have an entire afternoon or morning, take a walk on the loggiato dei Cappuccini,( a loggia is a covered outdoor walkway usually supported by arches) This loggia was built in 1647 and has 142 arches and leads to the church of Santa Maria in Aula Regia. Along this walkway, you will also find the Manifattura dei Marinati the old pickling works where they roast and can smoked eels and anchovies. 

-Along the loggia you will also find the 17th-century local fish market where you can find the local fishermen selling the catch of the day.


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